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Home upgrades to better protect you from hurricanes

If you live in the state of Florida, you know all too well what a hurricane can do to a home. As hurricanes seem to becoming more frequent and more powerful each season, it is essential to consider some changes to your home to protect your home from storms better. One of the upgrades you can make to your home to protect your house and family from strong winds is installing impact doors and windows, also referred to as hurricane glass.

Whats are hurricane windows made out of?
Hurricane windows are made up of two sheets of tempered glass panes. The glass is separated and held together by a piece of laminated plastic. The plastic is what makes the windows so strong. In the event the glass panes do shatter, they break up into smaller pieces and are held together by the plastic so that the glass does not fly everywhere.

How durable is hurricane glass? 
Hurricane glass has been tested and did not blow out in up to 200 miles per hour winds. In addition to being strong enough to protect against hurricane-force winds, hurricane windows are strong enough to protect you from flying objects. The windows have been tested and can withstand a 9 lb piece of wood smashing into it.

Additional benefits of hurricane glass 
In addition to protecting your family from flying glass, the hurricane windows protect your home from wind damage. When regular windows break not only does the glass go flying, but the wind can now enter your home. Hurricane-force winds in your house will not only break objects and rip photos and artwork off the walls, but it can damage the structure of the house. In the event, strong winds are coming through the house; there is a chance that it will be able to tear down walls and even cause the roof to be pushed off of the house.

These windows not only help protect you during a storm but have additional benefits daily. The windows will help deter a thief who tries to break into your home as it is unlikely they have the force needs to blow out the window. Hurricane glass is also a great way to reduce noise and block UV rays. The blocking of the UV rays will help keep your home cooler on hot days which can help reduce your A/C bill.

If you are interested in purchasing impacts doors or windows, it is imperative that you reach out to a professional to discuss your needs. There are many products out there that claim to be hurricane glass but would not stand the test of a strong storm. Fitting your house with hurricane windows and doors is a substantial investment. A window professional will make sure you are buying the right product for the location of your home as well as making sure the products are installed correctly. Hurricane glass will give you and your family peace of mind even through the fiercest storm.

So What Exactly Are Impact Resistant Windows?

So what exactly are impact windows?

In this article, we will explain exactly what they are and why you might need them. Another name for impact windows is hurricane-resistant windows. While they may not be exactly necessary for areas with no wind or chance of hurricanes, in places like Florida they are considered a necessity.


If your home is in Florida or another one of the areas at high risk of hurricane damage and was built before the year 2001, chances are you may not have them. In response to the damages to homes due to natural disasters in the 90s, homes in at-risk areas built after 2001 were required to either be built with hurricane resistant windows or panel shutters.

After research and investigations, engineers came to the conclusion that during a hurricane, most of the damage begins when the windows blow out, the door can also blow out, but it hardly does before the windows do. Aside from water damage, high blowing winds begin to destroy a home when the wind enters through the windows, blowing through and tearing apart the home from the inside out. That’s when most of the damage begins to happen.

How do they work?

The name impact-resistant windows may be misunderstood by some. Among other materials the windows are still mostly glass, you cannot expect it not to crack by throwing a steel bar or a heavy rock at it. The purpose is for these impact windows, or impact doors are to be able to take the pressure of a natural disaster such as a category five storm.

As an example, the focus in their build is to resist winds in the speeds of over 195 miles-per-hour.

What are they made of?

Like your average window, impact windows include a frame which can be made of an unlimited number of materials. Although the most expensive, the strongest frames are made of aluminum or steel and are recommended.

The main difference here, however, comes in the way the glass is built. And there are several options most including a mixture of glass and a vinyl or plastic material.

The most commonly used windows are made of a double glass with a layer of PVB or EVA in the middle that depending on its thickness can absorb the impact by acting as a suspension between the two glasses of the window. Several different versions of this type of window exist, by either increasing the layers of the material or the thickness it will be of higher grade and value.

Is it worth it?

In itself, the thought of being able to save your home from being destroyed due to a hurricane or storm should be enough for anyone to upgrade to impact windows. Some extra perks being that they also block a lot of the outside noise and up to 99% of sunlight. If you need another excuse to upgrade, be aware that your homeowner’s insurance cost can lower by more than 40 percent.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Storm Proof Windows and Accordian Shutters If you would like to discuss your questions with us directly, give us a call at 561-926-9735

What is Your Storm Products Guarantee?

We never use inferior products and we stand by them with the best warranty in the business.
Unlike other impact window companies that offer a 3 or 5 year warranty which may not be valid by the time the first hurricane hits. Our transferrable lifetime plus warranty is the best in the business. We provide a Free LIFETIME product guarantee, LIFETIME parts guarantee and LIFETIME workmanship guarantee.

Can I Get a Impact Window Estimate Over The Phone?

Sadly, we only provide estimates after conducting a complete inspection of the property to ensure we are offering the best solutions when it comes to your home, and the code requirements specific to your area. On the bright side, our estimates are always free!

Are Your Window Estimates Really Free?

Unlike other companies in the area, who may offer a free estimate only to turn around and say the estimate is free with purchase, our estimates are 100% free, no matter what.

Do I Need a Permit For Impact Windows?

Yes. Impact windows, impact doors, and accordion shutters all require a building permit, so never enter into an agreement to have them installed until you have the permit. Replacements also require a building permit, which are obtained from licensed certified contractors, which we are in the state of Florida.

Can I Get An Insurance Discount by Protecting My Home With Impact Windows?

This depends on your insurance provider. Although most insurance companies provide a reduction when hurricane protection products are installed, we advise you to contact your insurance company about a Storm Mitigation Application. This form must be completed by a professional if offered. Once the application has been submitted for approval and the product installed, you are entitled to a discount from your insurance company.

Another Company Provided Me With a Quote, But Their Windows Did Not Meet My HOA Requirements. How Do I Know That Your Windows and Doors Will Be Up To Code?

This is actually a common reason why many of our customers choose to do business with us after receiving an incredibly low quote from an alternate company who uses low quality standards for their windows. Several factors come into play when determining code approvals, such as location of the property, product use, and the different product types. When comparing code approvals, it is important to make sure products are specifically approved for impact by a reputable governing agency. We custom make our windows so they exceed industry standards. This means that your HOA will be highly impressed by our products and processes.

How Do I Get a Permit For Impact Windows?

We will take care of getting the permit for you. The process consists of, upon signing of the contract, the customer signs a permit application. This application will be sent with the product approvals for the city to approve. The city will then base the approval of storm windows, doors, and accordion shutters on the location of your property. After the city has sent their approval of the application, a permit will be issued. Before work begins, this permit must be posted on your job site. Then, once installation has been completed, the city will be notified and a final inspection will take place. At this point, a company representative will meet with a city inspector to review the job and sign off on the installation.

What is Your Labor Guarantee?

Unlike other impact window companies that offer a 3 or 5 year warranty which may not be valid by the time the first hurricane hits. Our transferrable lifetime plus warranty is the best in the business. We provide a Free LIFETIME product guarantee, LIFETIME parts guarantee and LIFETIME workmanship guarantee.